Latex Continued

After taking a deep breath I’ll try and push through the rest of the latex I have in mind in this post.  If you have taken a peek at my flickr photos you have seen the outfits already and now I’ll give you the runway rundown. Next on the list is Hugo’s Design. Also on the internet here.HD Ilya Set 2 This cream latex has tons of options from the low cut top to a complete underbust corset.  The latex heart pasties are included but not necessary to put on if you are trying to attract maximum gawking.  What drew my attention to this outfit was the lace detail of the corset and panties.  While the cut out pants are daring to really sex me up I prever wearing the panty-garter-stockings with the back seam to show off some extra skin. The shininess continues from Hugo with the HD Luna in Pink/Black.  Once again there are many layers to mix up the look as you can see below.  The full open version leaves all your bits on display adding the danger into what some may see as a softer look in latex with the pink. HD Luna in Black/Pink

Some of the kinkiest fetish latex fashion can be found at Nisei Oh Designs ~nOd~. The Schoolgirl Red latex skirt, jacket with the requisite tie is on the tamer side of some of their offerings. They are also set up on the internet here. ~nOd~ Schoolgirl Red

Next up comes Elixir‘s Rocket Girl in black with red trim.

Elixir Rocket Girl in Black with Red Trim

Come take a trip to the stars in this tasty number.  The low waist and cropped top exposes the tummy and begs for a tickling.  The trim adds to the sleek look, daring you to turn on my afterburners.  The fin prim attachements for the arms and legs throw some extra playfulness to the exotic look.  The shoes are the Stiletto Moody black patent stilettos.

In all pictures I am wearing:

Damselfly Jade hair in warm hibiscus.

JCNY Sweetheart diamond earrings, Lover’s Knot necklace, Calla Lily wedding rings

Seven of Himeji custom trinity knot tattoo on my left hip and the “CJ” on my right butt cheek.  Seven has been working on some ethnic skins to compliment her tattos and her full body tattoo skin which will be featured in an upcoming post.

::Nasty Tatts ~ Original Tattoos ~ did the custom little dipper tattoo on my right shoulder.


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