Pants on FIRE! Liar Liar too…

Two types of liars I’ll be talking about today. The first is the people that put something in their land description to lure you to their shop. I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone to stores in search of something only to be disappointed that the item doesn’t exist at that location. The second liar is me… a point. My last post may have had you thinking that latex is something I don’t care for. Some of my first outfits that were actually purchased in world were latex and I got to thinking, I have so much of it I rarely wear any more. So, that said, I reached into the closet, blew the dust off a few things, got out the corn starch and powdered myself up and put on a few of my favorites to show you. This is going to turn into a very long post, I can feel it in my sexy bone ;).

The first store I’d like to talk about is POC-Powers of Creation. I won’t go into how much latex I have hanging on the cloth hangers in my closet from there but I will tell you there are very few colors of any of the pieces I own from the store.Powers of Creation

One of the nicest things with just about every item in the shop, they can be mixed and matched as separates or worn as a complete outfit. Some being lower priced with some at higher prices with nothing in the store costing over 1000L. The corset is the Black/Blood two tone in the medium/medium option. I can’t tell you how many options and layers this comes in(I’m too lazy to count that high) but versions include a short,medium, long length along with open, medium and underbust options. Over it I have the latex croptop with a zipper or not. It too comes in a closed, 50% open and open option for each. Moving down the body is the black latex mini with a laced hip and a full option as well. There is an ultra easy script menu to resize the the front and back prim for the skirt. Sex sells and so do the black latex garters and stockings. Bottoming out, or maybe the final shine to the outfit are the black patent BAX ankle boots. They come in white and red as well with color change options for the strings, eyeleets, sole, tip and heel. Of course she had to include a fur or lace top to the ankle as well. There are also suede versions of these boots. Not to say I’m a fashion trendsetter but I’ve had these boots for well over 6 months and 2 different versions of Bax Cohen’s store. She has many great belts and bracelets as well (trust me, I have a ton). Uh oh, I just went to get the slurl and the welcome greeting said they now have them in pink. I guess I’ll be going back again.

With a need to sleep, I will continue this post later with more tasty latex to come.


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