Fashionable Relay Challenge Post 8

Today I take the virtual baton, spritit stick or call it what you may in the Fashionable Relay Challenge from Gidge Uriza and her Tekeli-Li Malice earrings . She did an awesome job with her outfit and carried one of my favorite colors leaving me little room to improve.  So, I took her item and twisted it every way possible and turned it into something as daring as I could.

There is a larger version of the picture here.

One of my plans for the relay was to show off my Fairlight  Industries Subtle Supernatural Eyes.  Mine were blue so I ran out and got the purple and used that to build my outfit since I adored the purple eyes on Gidge Uriza in the previous post.  One of the nice features of these prim eyes is they have a glow to them that brightens and fades to look really nice up close at night.

My hair is FNKY! Cake Snowcrash in copper and one of my usual haunts for hair.  It comes with the daisies for the chest covering ponytail.

A couple staples in my wardrobe are the JCNY Lover’s Knot necklace and the Calla Lily wedding rings, both of them never come off.

I ran out to Aphrodite Creations and picked up the AC Braceys purple and silver bangles to carry the purple down from my eyes.

One of my favorite corsets, the Petite Coquine from SF Designs, is something that can translate into a real life purchase.  It was reproduced by agreement in SL with Heavenly Corsets to match the Wasp Waist underbust corset.

Underneath the corset, I wanted something lacey and found it in the Tahani Designs Laced Black top.

Next comes Bax Coen‘s Black Lizzard belt with options to change the metal and the bands around it making it ultra versatile not to mention it comes in at least a dozen separate colors.

I chose the chaps to make the outfit as daring as I could.  They are the Oh Lala Leather & Lace Black Leather Skull Chaps and are crotchless.  They also comes in a version with jeans so if Achariya Maktoum decides to use this and cover up some more she can.

Since I had to cover up, I chose to hold the Naughty and Nice Dotted Fever biker hat to hide my bits.

Ending the outfit are the VvB 7″ Black Casual Mule shoes with black laces.

Phew, that was a long breath to get through all of that and I did my best to live up to the posts before and have completed my first fashion challenge.  I had a blast doing this and hope everyone enjoys my post and outfit as much as I did creating it.  I think I left Achariya enough budget conscious items to continue the relay and the stage is all yours.

Skin: Belleza Brook sk13

Hair: FNKY! Cake Snowcrash Copper

Earrings: Teleli-li Malice

Eyes: Fairlight Industries Subtle Supernatural Eyes Purple

Necklace: JCNY Lover’s Knot

Rings: JCNY Calla Lily Wedding Rings

Bangles: Aphrodite Creations AC Braceys Purple-Silver

Hat: Naughty and Nice Dotted Fever Biker Hat

Shirt: Tahani Designs Laced Black Top

Corset: SF Design Petite Coquine Underbust Corset in purple

Belt: Bax Coen Black Lizzard

Chaps: Oh Lala Leather and Lace Leather Skull Chaps Crotchless

Shoes: VvB Black Casual 7″ Mule w/ Black Laces


3 Responses to “Fashionable Relay Challenge Post 8”

  1. You look mahvelous dahling! I have that same hair from Cake. Great minds!

  2. Great job Alicia, this is so fun to watch all the styles.

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