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Gift Cards:No Easy Sale

Posted in Rants, Uncategorized with tags on February 12, 2009 by aliciamureaux

After 15 months of shopping I’ve decided I HATE GIFT CARDS IN SL!!!  Over the past 24 hours I have run across a couple situations that have driven me stark raving mad.  Keep in mind I have a screw loose to begin with but all the same these things came close to pushing me to the brink.  The stores will remain nameless but use this as a guide to carefully select where you get a card.

Scenario 1:  Take my new card to store X and drool of outfit one, buy with card…..success.  Find another droolable dress try to use card….only “buy” option and no “use card” option.  Hmmm. Try the next one with no success.  Ok, maybe sl is having difficulties.  Come back later, still no luck using the card.  Deciding to try random items and finding some of them available for purchase with store card and some not.  Puzzled I send a note to owner and get a reply that only items from one of the designers are available for store purchase and “fat packs” are also not restricted.  So I take my card and pick and choose from what I can to use up my $1500L and move on not quite as excited with my purchases.  Later I learn the store has made changes and made everything available through the gift card system which solves future issues for the next shopaholic but has left me feeling a little bit burned having “settled” for some items when I really wanted others.  Lesson learned.

Scenario 2:  Receive a gift certificate for store Y and find out I have to make my choices, fill out a notecard and send it back with the gift certificate texture to the owner who will then send my items to me.  Sorry for the impatience but in the information age lil ole me is impatient and wants instant gratification.  We’ll see how quickly the turn around is on the notecard to delivery.  Hopefully this will be quick for the $1000L spent.  I could understand this system for a small shop not wanting to buy the store card system or develop one of their own but this was a large store with many items and could easily afford the system without breaking the bank.

Those are a couple of what appear to be isolated cases with most store cards working like a charm.  I’ve been able to get my shop on many times before with great success.

Moral of today’s story? KISS-Keep it simple stupid.  I get that from my friends all the time and I’m begging (/me says pretty please)  anyone that is considering gift cards in SL to look around a little before you buy one for someone so they don’t have to go through any hassles making what should be fun and easy purchases.  To the store owners: make it fun and easy and I’ll be back to add to my huge inventory 🙂


Really Annoyed

Posted in Rants with tags on February 8, 2009 by aliciamureaux

Last night I was out ballroom dancing and having a really nice time. Then it happened…WOOT! WTF!!! Really? Romantic ballroom dancing calls for one of the most overused and annoying gestures ever created to suck the bandwidth out of you.  SL is full of gestures, most of them uber annoying.  No, there is noting I can do about them other than rant.  There is a time and place for gestures.  Please choose wisely.  The wheels are turning and I may create a top ten list of things that really annoy me in SL.  Wonder if I can keep it to 10? I sincerely doubt it.

That out of the way.  I’ve decided to use this forum for 3 things: Random Rants,  sing praises of my fashion finds and to post some of the adventures I find in Second Life.  Gosh, when will I find time for RL? /me giggles