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Latex Continued

Posted in Fashion, Second Life with tags , , , , on February 18, 2009 by aliciamureaux

After taking a deep breath I’ll try and push through the rest of the latex I have in mind in this post.  If you have taken a peek at my flickr photos you have seen the outfits already and now I’ll give you the runway rundown. Next on the list is Hugo’s Design. Also on the internet here.HD Ilya Set 2 This cream latex has tons of options from the low cut top to a complete underbust corset.  The latex heart pasties are included but not necessary to put on if you are trying to attract maximum gawking.  What drew my attention to this outfit was the lace detail of the corset and panties.  While the cut out pants are daring to really sex me up I prever wearing the panty-garter-stockings with the back seam to show off some extra skin. The shininess continues from Hugo with the HD Luna in Pink/Black.  Once again there are many layers to mix up the look as you can see below.  The full open version leaves all your bits on display adding the danger into what some may see as a softer look in latex with the pink. Continue reading


Pants on FIRE! Liar Liar too…

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Two types of liars I’ll be talking about today. The first is the people that put something in their land description to lure you to their shop. I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone to stores in search of something only to be disappointed that the item doesn’t exist at that location. The second liar is me… a point. My last post may have had you thinking that latex is something I don’t care for. Some of my first outfits that were actually purchased in world were latex and I got to thinking, I have so much of it I rarely wear any more. So, that said, I reached into the closet, blew the dust off a few things, got out the corn starch and powdered myself up and put on a few of my favorites to show you. This is going to turn into a very long post, I can feel it in my sexy bone ;).

The first store I’d like to talk about is POC-Powers of Creation. I won’t go into how much latex I have hanging on the cloth hangers in my closet from there but I will tell you there are very few colors of any of the pieces I own from the store.Powers of Creation

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Faith Restored and some latex

Posted in Fashion, Rants, Raves with tags , , on February 15, 2009 by aliciamureaux

An update for my last post about returning a gift card.  My $L were returned by the owner! YAY!! THANK YOU for restoring my faith in avimanity ™(C) and making the refund in a timely fashion.  Making up new words is a favorite past time so I thought I would start to trademark and copyright them *giggle*  Feel free to use them though, under a creative commons license *mad laughter*

Speaking of fashion, my good friend Kim Dench is an admin for Kayliwulf Kingdom flickr group showing off some tasty latex.  While my wardrobe doesn’t include much latex these days it can be a fun look.  The group is here.